Millburn Distillery Fire 1922


Here is an account of the devastating fire at Millburn distillery in 1922, which prompted extensive repairs and the hiring of Charles C. Doig to oversee matters.

Taken from the Nairnshire Telegraph and General Advertiser for the Northern Counties 02 May 1922, it provides the likely cause of the fire and the total damage of £40,000 which was a considerable sum from this period. 

The cause being a spark in the milling area that then prompted a sizeable explosion and that in due course, ushered in a more devastating fire. This event is more widely known for the involvement of the nearby army base that was deployed promptly to save what was possible and hell quell the fire itself. Without their effort, it may have taken the local fire brigade much longer to prevent further damage, and in doing so, helped save what was left of the distillery. Total devastation was avoided, but if this wasn't the case then we may have lost Millburn completely at this point in time.

The report is detailed enough to confirm the areas that were totally destroyed, which in summary were the production areas right up to the Still room, but thankfully not including. 

We can see the new fermentation room in this image from 1923, which if you look at the walls, suggests the outer shell was reused and showcases some fire damage? 


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