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There isn't much information available about Millburn distillery, and much of what does exist is fairly similar. On this page, we'll bring together the details and offer a snapshot of the distillery and what is known. 

It might be a little thin on detail initially, but please bear with us as new discoveries are made.

Address: Millburn Road, Inverness, Inverness-shire, IV2 3QX.

Closed: 1985

Annual production: 1970's maxed at out 2 million litres; during the 1980s had reduced to 600,000 litres prior to closure.

Water source: initially the Mill Burn for all its requirements, but due to access problems (see our map section for the evolution of the site) 

Cooling water: the Mill Burn.

Maltings: traditionally floor malted until 1964, when a Saladin Box was installed. This closed in 1984 when Millburn's malting requirements were delivered from the Ord site to the north of Inverness.

Mill: Porteus Mill

Barley strains: 1970s & 1980s Golden Promise and Triumph.

Mash tun: cast-iron, capacity of 10 mashes per week.

Washbacks: four in total, made from Scottish Larch, each with a capacity of 18,000 litres.

Yeast strain: unknown.

Wash Still: traditional onion shape. Capacity 13,500 litres.

Spirit Still: traditional onion shape. Capacity 13,500 litres.

Still heating: indirectly heated by steam coils.

Worm tubs: yes.

Warehousing: on site, mix of ex-bourbon and sherry casks. Capacity 13,500 casks.

Blends: Macleay Duff and The Mill Burn.


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