Why? You may ask. Well, the simple answer is because... Given the success of the Glen Mhor project which remains my central focus, it seemed selfish that I just limit myself to one Inverness distillery. After all, Millburn has some unique characteristics and is arguably even less seen than Glen Albyn and Glen Mhor.

During my research of Glen Mhor, I was finding regular nuggets of information about Glen Albyn which was co-owned by the same family firm since 1920. Millburn on the other side of the city was very much under the D.C.L. ownership. However, it is the only distillery of the trio that still stands in some form and I pass it whenever I'm in Inverness and think why not...

Eventually that time has come. Given I was finding Glen Albyn details, that too is going to be the source of its own project. It felt selfish that I was going to ignore the other Inverness distillery and let's be honest here - when searching for information, I often find mentions of all three in places. So, it makes sense to put together something readable for you all.

While my desire for Glen Mhor was the 40th Anniversary of its closure in 2023, and Glen Albyn now. Millburn's anniversary isn't until 2025, so I have a little longer to put something worthwhile together. There really isn't much detail out there about this distillery, despite it still standing on partial form. However, I will put that right given time and resources.

I hope you enjoy this resource as it develops.


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