Millburn Clerk Killed in action 1915


This entry appeared in the Aberdeen Press and Journal 18 May 1915 and it is humbling reading newspapers from this period, which are full of reports of the loss of life. Individuals that were taken too soon and Millburn like so many other distilleries was touched by this. Peter Rose of the 4th Seaforths was killed in action, his relevance to Millburn is that he was a clerk at the distillery and signed up when war broke out.

While Peter is not listed in our Inverness Directory section, there's no reason to doubt the article isn't correct and we thank him for his sacrifice and dedication.

The Seaforths had several battalions, each serving in the Great War at some time, battles including the Battle of Givenchy are listed on their honours and put them in the some of the major events of the war, in what we now see are terrible conditions for any human to endure. 


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