Millburn Advertisement 1898


As shown in the Distillers', Brewers', and Spirit Merchants' Magazine 01 August 1898, the trade press publication of note. This rather plain and modest advertisement underlines the name of the distillery and its claim to be the finest Highland Malt Whisky - which was a common phrase amongst such ads of the period.

This was during the Haig ownership period and is shortly before the Pattison crash which blighted the industry towards the turn of the century. The periodical research, shows that Millburn was well advertised throughout the north of Scotland during this time, without much flare to be said, but the name was out there.

Interestingly, we see the distillery being advertised as Millburn, when existing though was that it had retained the name of the Inverness distillery until the early 1900s: not the case here.


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