A Millburn Warning 1907


Appearing on the front page of the Highland News on 25th May 1907, is a stark warning about Millburn and whisky in general. Readers are warned that all Millburn is not what it seems and to be wary of bottles reporting to be as such.

This is an interesting historical insight, at it suggests the distillery had a reputation and distribution in the Highlands and that there was some illegal activity to cash in on this. Blended whisky had taken a bit of a battering in the public minds after the events of the Pattison Crash that blighted whisky in general. 

It also shows us that Millburn was available as a single (referred to as pure) malt, which is reflected in the numerous newspaper listings as to its availability and quality.

Hopefully, further research can give us more context and perhaps some examples or prosecutions that prompted this announcement.  


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