Sadly Not Millburn Distillery



A fantastic image of Millburn distillery, as reported by some, or is it? 

I've seen this image and we were discussing it on the Facebook Forgotten Whisky History Group and couldn't place the perspective. It just didn't tie in with any maps that's we've previously published here.

Thanks to Sandy, a relative of a Millburn employee, Hugh Cameron Mackay, who was the Stillman at the distillery, we've been able to rule out this image as being of the distillery:

'The photograph shown is not of Millburn but of the Mill at Kingsmills which was sited on the left of the small incline below the Kingsmills Hotel it was fed by a lade sited behind the Hotel where Islay Road is now situated. The water which used to turn the wheel of the mill went into the Mill burn just below the golf course. As a child we used to pass it when visiting our grandparents on a Sunday.'

So, there you have it. Mystery solved and a sad outcome as photographs of older versions of Millburn are extremely rare. However, thanks to Sandy we have some context around the area and the nearby mill.


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